English Courts Award GDP £5 Million in Financial Aid to Russian Divorcée

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Section 3 of the UK Matrimonial & Family Proceedings Act 1984 has been the basis of a vast family law case in the English courts this week. Whereby a lady from Russia who divorced her husband last year has appealed and successfully obtained an extra GBP £5 million lump-sum award in financial aid after an overseas divorce from the UK.

Ms Iryna Vilinova has already won GBP £1.6 million of the couple’s mutual property, and the extra aid will make her claim nearly 35% of the total assets (as per Vilinova v Vilinov, 2019). Her ex-husband claimed she had failed to repay a GBP £2 million loan from his company to hers, however the English court of Appeal heard that the loan agreement was merely set up for tax purposes.