Education: Turkish-Cypriot Teachers worry over Secular Education

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The authorities in the North of Cyprus have now received a plea from Turkish/Cypriot teachers in relation to their belief that there should be more attention paid to education. This is following the statement that there are considerably more mosques at a total of 190 in Northern Cyprus, to that of 160 schools.
The teachers previously expressed a similar complaint in June, about their concerns regarding the fact that more capital was being injected into religious matters, rather than that of education.
The KTOS Teachers Union stated then that the authorities were ready to close two elementary schools, one in Karavostasi (Gemikonagi), in the Morphou bay, and one in the area of Famagusta.
Also, the union stated that the authorities were prepared to introduce a planned amendment to the law on the religious affairs sector. This amendment would then pave the way for Quran courses for children and enhances the department’s budget to permit more recruitment from Turkey.