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UK Some time ago the UK Government introduced a special immigration programme for wealthy foreigners who want to settle in the UK. Under the programme, the individual would have to invest a sum of £1m, £5m or £10m in the UK government treasury bonds in order to get 1, 5 or 10 years of residency in the UK. So far, 1,647 visas have being granted to the following nationals: 433 to Russians 419 to Chinese 93 to Americans 46 to Egyptians 44 to Indians 41 to Kazakhs 38 to Pakistanis 36 to Australians 36 to Canadians There are some calls to change the existing system in order to bring more benefits to the British economy as the following:
£2m as a minimum investments in order to secure a visa which will give an opportunity to apply for 5 year residence permit,
Instead of investing in the UK treasury bonds, investments are to be done in UK infrastructure projects,
100 visas are to be auctioned with a min bid of £2.5m, etc.
It is not clear when the proposed changes will be agreed and implemented. Eltoma Corporate Services in co-operation with UK lawyers is providing support on applications for UK investment visas and incorporation and maintenance of UK offshore companies. Eltoma Corporate Services can also facilitate the obtaining of Cyprus visa, residency and work permits and citizenship.