Donald Trump: Increase of US Military Budget Above China & Russia

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USD $700bn is the biggest budget increase the US Pentgagon has ever seen. That means the US army can succeed more troops, more training and more ships.

Donald Trump signed a new budget Bill on Friday which includes enormous spending for the military: the Pentagon will get $94bn more this year (increase of 15.5%). This is the biggest year over year since the budget soared by 26.6% form $345bn (2002) to $437 (2003) when the United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, expanding for national defense after 11.09.2001 attacks.

This time, the extra money is targeted for deficit training, more hi-tech missile defenses and the start of a complete recapitalisation of nuclear weapons arsenal. James Mattis said hours before the House and Senate approved the deal. “I cannot overstate the negative impact to our troops and families’ morale from all this budget uncertainty.

However more money is not the solution. Todd Harrison, a military budget Specialist, said that military funding has been near the inflation-adjusted peak levels of armed forces buildup during 198s. The problem is the budget stretch by the increasing personnel costs, expensive technology and other factors. Todd Harrison “We are stretched too thin,’ Harrison said Friday. ‘We are trying to do too much with the size force that we have all around the world. Money doesn’t necessarily fix that.’

Appropriations committees have to finalize what the military budget 2018 will include and they will possibly follow the military policy bill approved by congress last year.