Denmark: Defiant EU Member States Should be Blacklisted

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The Danish government has prepared an initiative, encouraging EU finance ministers across the bloc to consider extending the criteria for its blacklist of ‘non-cooperative’ jurisdictions, in order for faulting EU Member States to be included on the list.
The document has garnered support from:

The UK.
The current criteria, agreed by EU Council ministers in July 2016, before publication of the first blacklist in December 2017, limiting the current list to third country nationals only.

The new European Commission took office last year on December 1st under the newly appointed President Ursula von der Leyen; and a reassessment of the standards an current benchmarks is scheduled to take place by March 2020 at the latest.

The proposal calls for a debate on whether the current criteria ‘provides sufficient protection against tax avoidance & evasion’, and invites the discussion whether ‘the EU have sufficient internal safeguards against tax avoidance and evasion?’

The European Commission supports the Danish document.