Administrative Court in Cyprus due to open in December

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After parliaments approval, the Administrative Court in Cyprus is expected to start its operation by December as the justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou has revealed.
As per the opening of the Administrative Court, the Supreme Court has announced job openings for a Court President and four Judges. All employment applications must be submitted by September to be accepted. An advantage of having an Administrative Court, will be that it will speed up judicial procedures, as it will take charge over cases that are currently being handled by the Supreme Court.

The Administrative Court will be handling mostly appeals concerning government decisions, including public sector jobs and promotions, asylum applications and tax matters. Up until now, non-judicial bodies were handling challenges to government decisions such as the tax council and the authority review for asylum seekers based in Cyprus.

In 2013, over 6000 appeals had been submitted, and by the end of that year, more than 8000 cases were still pending. As the Justice Minister stated in January, the number of administrative appeals filed in 2013 increased threefold causing a delay in the handling of justice. The Administrative Court is great news for the system in Cyprus and will reduce pending appeals to the possible minimum time.