Cyprus: Transparency International dumps Cyprus over lack of anti-money laundering work

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Transparency International has recently denied any official membership statues to their Cypriot branch as a result of central disagreements regarding anti-money laundering work which inevitably caused anger from members in Cyprus.

A member of the ethics and governance committee of the non-governmental organization (NGO), Stan Cutzach stated that “the affiliation of Transparency International Cyprus was ended in August”.

Cutzach also stated that the international anti-corruption adviser would clarify questions early on in this year with regards to its Cypriot branch which is related to the use of the brand and logo.

Former Chairwoman Maria Kramvia Kapardi and former vice chairman Marios Skandalis of the board of directors of Transparency International Cyprus stated that they were disappointed over the Berlin-based organsiation’s decision and also, questioned the NGO’s reasons that led to the decision.

Kapardi also said that Transparency International had ignored the developments and work that the Cyprus branch had accomplished and also added that the decision came to fruition through “ulterior motives”.