Cyprus to broaden economic activities with China

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The President of Cyprus reiterated the government’s aim to support the development of business & economic relations between Cyprus & China.
During the recent seminar “One Belt, One Road – The Chinese Connection and why Cyprus should be included,” President Nikos Anastasiades took the opportunity to restate his intention to broaden relations between Cyprus & China in commerce, tourism, privatisation of ports, shipping, real estate, electricity, telecommunications, research & innovation, large-scale development projects, as well as education and health.

President Anastasiades, who previously visited China officially in October, said that his government is working towards the simplification of procedures regarding a faster issuing of permits and licensing of investment projects and operation of businesses, as well as the speedier granting of residence permits to foreign investors, including Chinese.

“Towards this end, my government will offer all necessary assistance to support & facilitate any efforts in effectively creating & developing investments or business operations.”

– Nikos Anastasiades, President of Cyprus.

Concerning the visa application procedure, President Anastasiades stated that the government is taking the necessary measures to ensure simplification of the procedure, in order to render it easier for Chinese tourists to visit the island. He noted that a private provider had already been chosen, to establish some authorised visa application centres in fifteen cities of China, with no Cypriot diplomatic or consular representation. “This process will start towards the end of 2015” he added.