Cyprus reunification negotiations are in full swing

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Presidents of Northern and Southern Cyprus are continuing their negotiations on Cyprus reunification. The agenda includes a number of citizens from each side. Greek Cypriots are concerned with the emigrants from Turkey that have already been given or going to be given Cyprus passports by the self-declared Turkish Republic. The current agreement suggests that 800,000 Greek Cypriots will live in the southern part, and 220,000 in the northern part.

Another complicated issue is the real estate purchases by the citizens of the reunified Cyprus. The Turkish party insists on limited purchases in the Turkish side of the country until its economic development levels with that of the Greek side.

However, the issue associated with most complications is the location of Turkish army bases and the role of Turkey as a Guarantor. The Greek party is strongly against it, thus threatening the reunification. To agree upon the location of Turkish troops in Cyprus, American diplomats regularly visit the country.

Greek Cypriots face a difficult choice – either to share borders with Turkey, when it unifies with Northern Cyprus like Russia and Crimea did, or opt for formal reunification with the occupational troops remaining within the Cyprus territory.