Cyprus reunification negotiations are entering their final straight

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It was hard to believe that Greek and Turkish parts could reach a compromise on the reunification-related issues. Today, a Geneva meeting that drew representatives of the United Nations, the EU and the IMF is coming to an end after two days of negotiations. The agenda includes the touchy themes, which concern a possible guarantor under the agreement (the point is pushed by the Turkish part in an attempt to retain Turkey’s military footprint in Cyprus); property expropriated during the Turkish invasion of 1974; a management scheme of the reunited state; territorial division; economic issues; and reunification payment duty.

Everyone is relating to the Swiss management model. However, we consider Cyprus as a country of different culture and values, with unique religious and linguistic idiosyncrasies that cannot be put aside.

The positive fact is that the terms of reunification will be decided by Turkish and Greek Cypriots through the referendum. Back in 2004, a proposed “Annan Plan” was accepted by Turkish Cypriots, but completely rejected by Greek-Cypriots.