Cyprus Refuses EU’s New Migrant Scheme

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According to sources, Cyprus has been included in a list of EU member states where so-called controlled centres could be situated in order to process refugees and migrants disembarking on EU soil.

This is following ongoing attempts to create a common migration policy within the bloc.

The government has expressed very strong reservations regarding the possible plan.

Cyprus has been classed as now a well-established “ideal” human smuggling destination via Turkey, with already 15,000 documented asylum seekers, majority of which are Syrian.

In 2017, Cyprus and Greece had the highest number of asylum seekers per million population in the EU with 5,235 and 5,295. Furthermore, Cyprus topped the list in the first 3 months of 2018 with 1,551 applicants per million population.

Following this, there are concerns that these centres, while being geared to distinguish between genuine refugees and economic migrants efficiently and effectively, will eventually become sprawling, long-term detention camps.