Cyprus Receives EC Warning Regarding Waste Disposal Problem

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The European Commission sent a first warning to Cyprus due to the fact that among its EU members, Cyprus is the closest to failure in the implementation of the waste disposal plan in the period leading up to 2020. Along with Cyprus, major problems in waste management are observed in Malta, Greece and Romania. The plan sets the target for processing 50% of the waste before 2020 and 65% – until 2035. At the moment, Cyprus is recycling only 17% of its waste.

According to statistics, on average a European citizen produces 480 kg of household waste per year. 46% is recycled and 54% is buried in the ground.

The warning indicates the following reasons for Cyprus’s non-compliance with the EU legislation on waste disposal and recycling:

lack of proper interaction between municipal and state authorities.
lack of necessary equipment and infrastructure for recycling.
the Cypriot waste packaging scheme is inefficient and the level of monitoring and maintenance of this process is rather low.