Cyprus MPs defend the delay in passing title deeds

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Interior Minister Socratis Hasikos raised a point when he criticised parliament for not passing a government bill devised to protect house buyers without title deeds, but he hadn’t been entirely right, an MP claimed on Saturday.
Giorgos Perdikis who is an MP for the Green party was commenting on a controversial statement released by the minister last week, slating MPs in Cyprus for not passing the bill sooner. This took place during the last parliamentary session before a break for summer.

The bill, submitted by the government last month, was designed in an attempt to resolve the issues caused by the failure to supply title deeds to those who had paid for their homes, either as a result of being mortgaged by the developer, or the states inability to deal with the transfer of outstanding taxes.

Perdikis stated he was in agreement, the legislation ought to have been passed sooner, but cited one reason was that it wasn’t was due to the government swamping parliament with a number of other bills, requiring that they be passed before the break.

Banks, which are expected to take a hit, have been expressing huge oppositions to the bill.