Cyprus moves towards partition as the rest of the world is silent

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Cyprus is edging towards partition while the rest of the world looks on in silence, according to civil society groups.

10 groups are said to be “extremely alarmed” about the future of the island and asked why confidence building measures (CBMs) which were agreed by both leaders during the negotiations were not being implemented.

The groups went on to question the UN to clear up why CBMs on the interoperability of mobile telephones and the interconnectivity of electricity grids are yet to be put into action, despite being agreed upon 3 years ago.

Following this, the groups statement also said that the UN should take a stance and confirm exactly what the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ framework entailed during the failure of talks in Crans-Montana, specified by Switzerland.

Mustafa Akinci, leader of the Turkish Cypriots in Northern Cyprus, stated in April that if the Greek Cypriot side was willing to accept the Guterres framework without any alterations, then it could be announced as a package agreement.