Cyprus: High Rise Plans in Limassol are Going Haywire

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More and more conditional approvals have been given for another high-rise building in Limassol. The developments have to meet a range of standard requirements which are set by the authorities before a final permit can be issued. However, some seem to have no difficulty meeting them as 5 development projects have already secured the necessary approvals.

The Municipality of Limassol has raised some criticisms as well as homeowners who live close to planned developments have gone to court in order to stop construction however have been unsuccessful.

The Anastasiades governments has fully supported these developments as the projects bring money into the economy with most of the flats being sold to foreigners. Inevitably, these development projects provide the large developers with much needed revenue as well as creating employment.

According to sources, objections have risen due to the government ignoring how the people of Limassol feel about having the seafront blocked by high –rise buildings.