Cyprus Climbs in 2018 Global Prosperity Index

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Legatum Institute from the UK have released their 2018 global prosperity index and this year and ranked Cyprus in 28th place out of 150 other countries, climbing from 29th spot for last year in terms of overall prosperity, a general test for residents’ welfare and living standards.
The category that Cyprus ranked the highest was for personal freedom and safety & security, and lowest in environmental and education categories.

Personal freedom and human rights were shown to be Cyprus’ greatest sphere, with the island ascending 4 places this year getting to 23rd spot; followed by the safety and security category where Cyprus ranks in 24.

Cyprus ranked worst in the natural environment section in 60th place, which measures a jurisdictions performance for its natural environment quality, preservation and environmental efforts. This is probably due to many cities not having access to collectable recycling bins, as available in most European countries now.

The second lowest ranking was regarding schooling and education in Cyprus; which only ranked the island for 34th for quality of education and accessibility and coming in 34th position for governance, dropping one place from last year.

Cyprus came in 33rd for optimal business environment, 30th place for healthcare, and 25th for economic quality.

Cyprus’ biggest positive change compared with 2017 was climbing 11 places on the table to reach 28th position recorded in the social capital category, which looks at the strength of cultures within the country, specifically social network, personal relationships, feelings of community support and municipal participation in a country.

Cyprus has interestingly dropped four places on the table since the prosperity index was first conceptualised in 2006.