Cyprus: as temperatures soar, Limassol keeps a lid on mosquito problem

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During a moderate heat wave in Cyprus, Limassol public health officials are continuing their on-going efforts to fight mosquito wars, specifically in the west of the city.
Over the past few days, an area of the city which is usually renowned for the blood sucking insects, has been noticeably quieter. Kyriakos Kafkalias, a Public Health Inspector has stated that the reason for this decrease is unknown.

It could be due to a number of factors, the light breeze or the results of effectively spraying the affected areas. “We will continue to spray potentially bad areas across Limassol and urge the public to get in touch with us if they experience any issues. They can inform us and we’ll be on case” Mr Kafkalias said.

The public’s involvement, either by calling or taking steps to help fight mosquitoes, is necessary. People can destroy containers that accumulate water, such as bottles and buckets, as they attract mosquitoes, replace or renew damaged sewage pipes and spray areas with their own repellent. He assures that annoying as they are, mosquitos are not harmful in small amount, and measures are currently in place to combat them.

If you have an infestation you wish to report, you can contact the health department of Limassol here.