Cyprus Amongst The Highest Pesticide Residues In Food

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The EU extracted and analysed food samples from Cyprus as part of an EU wide study targeting food quality has unveiled that Cyprus has one of the highest rates of pesticide residue levels in food.

At the top of list is Malta. Following this, the report highlight that out of the 673 samples taken from Cyprus, 6.8% were over the allowable maximum residue level (MRL) legally allowed in foods or animal feeds. Along with this, France also registered the same percentage as Cyprus.

Although, 62.1% of the samples were below the lowest residue concentration level (LOQ) whilst 31.1% were between the LOQ and MRL level. Only Malta exceeded Cyprus, as the study results showed that out of 178 Maltese samples which were tested, 10.7% exceeded the allowable threshold.

Overall, the study which in 2016 analysed 84,657+ food samples from EU member states, including Norway and Iceland, concluded that in total, 96.2% of the 84,657 samples analysed fell within the legal limits.