Cyprus: according to Cystat in October tourism revenues grew by 4.2%

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In October tourism revenue increased by 4.2% to €277.1 million, while the number of tourists increased by 14%, Cystat reported on Friday.

The lower growth rate of income compared to the increase in the number of arrivals was mainly due to the reduction in the vacation budget to €681.05, which was accompanied by an increase in the length of stay from 0.1 days to 9.3 days.

The UK is the largest source of inbound tourism in Cyprus, and Russia ranks second. Compared to October 2015, tourists from the UK reduced their budgets by 11 percent and the average length of stay from 0.1 days to 10.1 days. Russian tourists also reduced their expenses to 673.26 euros (8%) during their stay, which they extended from 1.1 days to 10.