Cyprus: 7th Most Popular Place in Europe for Brits

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Notably, the most popular hotspot is Paphos when is then followed by Famagusta, Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia. The majority of inquiries were for houses/villas in Limassol at 55%, whereas others were interested in apartments in Nicosia leading with 72%. Limassol leads with the highest average listing price at EUR €329,431 whereas Famagusta has the lowest average asking price of EUR €127,855.
The research also conveys that Spain is the most popular European country for relocating, specifically for properties in Alicante. Following this, Spanish properties seem to be in high demand from people living in Glasgow and Liverpool according to Rightmove.

The level of property transactions in Cyprus increased by 18% in July. According to the Department of Lands and Surveys, this amounts to 739 more properties sold than the same month of July in 2016. There was a rise in the number of property sales in every district except Larnaca, where levels decreased by 16%.

Following this, International tourism in Cyprus surged by more than 16% to a total of 1.46 million between the first half of 2017.
Cyprus is becoming more and more appealing to Brits due to having the “warmest winters in Europe” according to the UK director of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.