Cypriot Passport: Ranks 12th on Global Power Scale

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According to the amended Passport Index, Cypriot passports have a power rank of 12 and also, received an Individual Power Rank of 37 internationally.
Cypriot passports stand to be one of the strongest in the world, as passport holders are capable to travel to nearly 150 different countries without requiring a visa.
For Visa-Free Travel, its Global Mobility Score of 148, classes Cyprus above countries such as Monaco, Bulgaria and Brazil.
The German passport scores the highest in the rankings at 158 countries that its holders can travel to visa-free. Moreover, the UK has a Global Mobility Score of 156, followed by the United States with 155 and the Russian Federation scores at 104.
From the 1st of April 2017, Cyprus was granted visa-free travel to India therefore increasing their Global Mobility Score to 148. And so, Cyprus and Italy are the only two countries in Europe that now have visa-free travel to India.