Crowdfunding: start-up and small business financing solution

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Crowdfunding ecrowdfundingmerged during financial crisis in 2008 when banks stopped financing start-ups and small businesses. The idea is very simple to get small amount of money to be invested in projects bypassing bank. Crowdfunding can be used in the following forms: – Donations – Interest bearing borrowing – Equity investment – Pre-order payment The USA is more advanced in crowdfunding. The USA has a new crowdfunding act. Asia is doing not so great. For example, the total funds raised in Asia were only US$33m comparing to US$2.7bn in the USA in 2012. Crowdfunding is becoming too important. It is expected to grow to US$96bn by 2025 where about US$50bn will come from China along. Crowdfunding is achieved through special platforms. Most popular among them are Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Pozible. Crowdfunding platforms are charging between 3% to 10% in fees. It is important to note that crowdfunding facilitators are not responsible for future default or non-delivery of product. Crowdfunding platforms help to facilitate transactions between prospective investor/donor/customer with a start-up or small business. It is recommended to set-up a start-up in a form of a limited company guaranteed by shares. A company can be registered in tax haven jurisdiction like Belize, BVI or Seychelles or in low tax jurisdictions like Cyprus, Singapore or Hong Kong.