Could Asia Take Over US as Worlds Largest Economy in 2019?

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As 2019 opens its doors, economists are predicting a not too distant shift in world powers due to new dynamics in Northern Asia that could bring substantial consequences to the worlds most dominant economies.
Northern & Eastern Asia (specifically Japan, China, North & South Korea, and even Russia) has never been given a chance to reach its true economic potential after a decade of undesirable diplomatic relations and conflict which has been muffled with cordiality between Japan and China at best. With the Koreas resolving their issues in 2018, there are global talks of a more united Asia in 2019.

US economic dominance was already under dispute before Donald Trump came into office, shortly after the post-wartime period; however, Trump has destabilised international diplomacy and in turn Americas power in a way that many suggest will continue to diminish US influence years after he leaves office.

Who will be the new Leader of the Economic World?
Despite expert claims, China is nowhere near ready or able to go from second to take first place in terms of economic size or influence. Even the role of Asia’s largest and most dominant authority is questionable in 2019. In its place, new alliances among Asian superpowers will begin to form this financial year. This trilateral alliance will comprise of Japan and China, plus South & North Korea who together are a force to be reckoned with.

Seoul and Pyongyang have already started steps to link their railway lines to form a trans-peninsula train network between Korea -> China -> Eurasian continent that will be used for travel and goods and services transportation at reduced costs. Japan’s Prime Minister Mr Shinzo Abe has already quoted that theoretically Japan is ready to join China in the construction and development of infrastructure projects overseas.

How does other World Superpower Russia Tie into Asian Relations?
Regarding Moscow, the development of new relations and the shifting balance of power in the North-eastern Asian continent for a developing economic alliance will provide added motivation for Russia to start forming contracts that will lead to joint economic ventures in the Russian Far East towards China.