Companies House make redundancies in cost cutting measures

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The UK Companies House has outlined plans to reduce costs of baseline activities by 3.5%, despite having an increased workload, and will focus investment on improvements to digital services, expecting to have digital filing options for 99% of accounts by March 2018.
The published business plan for the 2017 fiscal year states: “Our program of efficiency savings, together with our processing and system improvements and increasing the take up of digital services to 87%, will achieve our goal to reduce the cost of our core activities by 3.5%.” This will include up to 40 lest positions engaged on baseline activities by the end of the year significantly off-setting the increase in staff expected to cope with the new work.

A spokesperson last week stated: “due to efficiency savings and increased take up of digital services, we will be redistributing manpower to deal with new work in areas such as corporate transparency.”