Combat of Global Financial Turbulence Main Aim of the G20

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L-R) BrazilMoney outflow from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRIC’s group) with the aim of the U.S. have sparked fears about their economies. The motion is apparent from the hike of the U.S. dollar, which the South American and Chinese governments are already coordinating action measures to diminish the outflows with the apparent move from governments by tightening liquidity capital outflows in order to preserve the value of their currencies. At the G20, the BRICS have surprised the group with their immediate action on starting on a $100 billion reserve fund in conjunction with a joint bank to help reshape the global economy Even though it will take time to develop a solid institution, and the growth estimates of the BRIC’s countries are against them, as the funds needed may not be allocated due to the economy slowdown.