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CIS Wealth Group announces its coming international B2C conferences that will take place in Hungary and Russia in 2015-2016.
CIS Wealth Group holds international B2C conferences for wealth managers, corporate provides, HNWIs, banks & investment companies. The three upcoming events that will take place in Hungary and Russia are the following:

16th of October 2015 – Wealth Innovation Forum in Budapest, Hungary (150 delegates, 12 speakers, 20 exhibitors).

17-18 February 2016 – Moscow, Russia (400 delegates, 20 speakers, 25 exhibitors).

9th of June 2016 – Ekaterinburg, Russia (200 delegates, 12 speakers, 20 exhibitors).

The participant will have the chance to learn useful knowledge from:

• 20 valuable presentations by top industry professionals.

• 20+ private banks, law firms and family offices exhibiting.

• 350+ delegates from 20 countries.

• Case-studies.

• Private meetings with leading advisers.

• Networking reception in the end of the day.

CIS Wealth Group is currently developing the programme for 2016, so the next few weeks are the perfect time to ensure that your company is at the top of the agenda, enhancing your profile and generating real business opportunities! Here are a few ideas:

Event Partner Brandings – Widen your marketing reach & deepen recognition of your business. Your logo will be prominently displayed on the stage set throughout the event, in addition to the:

• Exhibition Booth

• Event website

• Printed brochure and pdf

• Hosting a networking function or lunch

• Distributing your promotional material, etc

Event Speaker Opportunity – Share you experience among key players of the market with speaking slot and presentations.

There are many other branding and networking opportunities available to ensure you maximize your attendance at the event. We would also love to hear any ideas you have and can create a bespoke package taking into account your overall strategy and budget.

Delegate bookings are also now open – Reserve your place today to benefit from the early-bird discounts.

How Can You Attend?

You may visit the website or contact directly using the information below:

Julia Kushnir, CIS Wealth Group

Tel. +44 161 4088 161, Mob. +38 068 365 2128

E-mail:, Skype: kushnir.julia