Chinese real estate market shows sharp increase

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Statistical services of the People’s Republic of China claim that Chinese real estate sales in April, 2015 have shown sharp growth, proving efficiency of the Chinese authorities monetary policy.
At the year end of 2013, the Chinese real estate market was in the midst of a long-term recession caused by an offer surplus in the market of primary real estate and the high cost of consumer credit.

As a result of a decrease in a key interest rate made by the Central Bank, sales in the Chinese real estate market have increased by 16.2% in comparison with the same period in 2014.

It worth noting that, despite the growth of sales in the market of residential real estate in the People’s Republic of China in April, 2015 and other macroeconomic indicators (e.g. indicators of the investments and the commencement of construction) continue to weaken promptly. Many experts claim that the economy in China has rather high risks to face the potential slowing of growth in future.