Chinese government attempt to steady the volatile stock market

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Chinese stocks dropped further this week in another unstable session, which has been attempted to be steadied by regulators as they intensified their attempt to put a halt to the sliding market.
Before the stock market opened, China’s securities regulator made the rules on using borrowed money less strict to create stakes, on of a number of different government incentives aimed to stimulate the current market. Experts warn that anymore panic selling of shares and currency will pose a growing risk to the world’s second largest economy, having ripple effects on others.

Internal Chinese investors have noticed the sharp adjustment of Chinese shares to be bad for the country and government, with many blaming foreign bodies, such as the US government for trying to reduce the collapse by shorting shares in local train production company CRRC Corp.

Chinese markets, which had seen a rise by as much as 150% from November 2014 to June 2015, have collapsed at an increasingly fast rate since the 12th of June, losing more than 20% in instability as money pours in and out of the unpredictable market.