China Pushes EU For Anti-US Alliance On Trade

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According to sources, China is pushing the European Union to release a powerful joint statement against Trump’s trade policies at a summit later in July. The state media in China has promoted that the EU is on the side of Beijing.

Senior Chinese officials including the government’s top diplomat, State Councillor Wang Yi and Vice Premier Liu He, have suggested an alliance between the 2 economic powers and also offered to open more of the Chinese economy in a gesture of goodwill.

In addition, another proposal has been for the EU and China to set up joint action against the United States at the World Trade Organisation.

However, the world’s largest trading bloc, the EU, has dismissed the idea of forming an alliance with Beijing against Washington. And so, the summit is expected to result a rather modest communique. The summit will reinforce the dedication of both parties to the multilateral trading system and assures to launch a working group on modernizing the WTO.