China Plans to Censor Google

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Google is said to be developing a version of its search engine which will conform to the censorship laws in China, according to sources. The company shut down the search engine back in 2010, with complaints that free speech was being limited.

According to other sources, Google is said to be working on a project going under the codename Dragonfly, which will block terms such as religion and human rights, a move definitely expecting to anger activists.

A state-owned newspaper in China denied the report.

Dragonfly is said to have started back in spring of 2017 and grew in December of that year proceeding a meeting between Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and a government official in China. Following this, an Android app with versions named Longfei and Maotai had been developed and could be launched within 9 months if the Chinese government approval was won.

The search app would put sensitive queries on a blacklist such as identifying and filtering websites which are currently blocked by China’s so-called Great Firewall.