China & India named the largest shareholders of a new bank.

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According to the delegates of the AIIB founders meeting, China will likely have a 25-30% share in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and India probably will be the second large shareholder.
As one of the delegates have declared China’s share in AIIB organisation with its share capital of $100 billion will be less than 30% while the share of India in another delegate’s opinion will amount to around 10-15%. In general the share of the Asian countries will probably amount 72-75%, and the EU countries will have all the rest.

The three-day meeting on AIIB called at the initiative of China is aimed to end draft contract clauses which should state the shares of the members and the initial bank’s equity. At the moment, the negotiations have ended, and now each representative of the country will return with the offer to the government in order to approve a final resolution. In total 57 states joined AIIB as potential founder members, and Iran, Israel, Great Britain and Laos are among them.

As the western media outlets noted, AIIB is a potential competitor to the World Bank and continues to cause discontent from Washington. Japan, most likely, will join the AIIB as the Japanese ambassador in Beijing has declared. This step indicates the growing distance between Tokyo and Washington, as the USA remain alone regarding the issue of AIIB membership.