Cannes Film Festival: EU will protect copyright

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The European film forum supported by European Commission took place on Sunday last week, within the Cannes Film Festival. This year the forum is devoted to the protection of copyright.
The French Ministry of Culture led by Fleur Pelran have organised a conference on the subject ‘The future of copyright in Europe: uniform digital market’. One of the conference’s guests, Prime Minister Manuel Wal has confirmed determination of his country ‘to be on a front line of protection of copyright in all areas of creativity’.

Guenther Oettinger of the European Commission, has submitted the project of the modernisation and standardisation of copyright throughout the EU’s 28 member states at the beginning of May. The main concept is the creation of the uniform digital market which, according to developers of the project, will promote the creation of workplaces and development of an innovative economy.

Despite plans made by the European Commission, those to whom copyright issues directly concern, don’t hide their concern relating to the rather frequent practice of distribution of their work online without any remuneration to the authors. It is worth noting that a month ago 26 famous European Directors have signed the petition requiring the EU authorities to double their efforts on distribution of independent European cinema.