In recent years, start-up projects are gaining popularity. What is causing this global trend and what kind of projects are being established? The term “start-up” means a company with a short history of operating activities. As a general rule, a start-up holds a specific business model for the development of finding investors and shareholders.

Regarding a start-up venture, many people often refer to a newly created company or organisation, however, its common for such a company to not even be registered yet and conducts commercial activities based on innovative ideas or technologies.

Often, start-ups tend to sell a product or service to a large company in order to conduct their own high-profit business.

Different Types of Start-ups

According to the degree of knowledge-intensity, start-ups are divided into high-tech and traditional business types.

High-tech start-up

Such kind of business is based on the innovative technologies and usually have a great chance of success. However, to open a company of this type, a significant investment is required which can be provided usually only by large investors.

Traditional start-up

At the core of a traditional start-up, there are easily implemented ideas that are known to be popular and highly in demand.

One of the most frequent problems faced by start-ups is a lack of funding. The second problem you may face is the fragile position in the market – a company promoting an innovative product is not yet familiar to the potential consumer, and a founder may have a lot of difficulties to overcome which tremendous efforts are required.

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Despite the fact that start-up investments are usually high-risk ventures, there is an increased interest in such projects among businessmen and investors. However, these difficulties can be avoided if all the important details are taken into account when launching a start-up project.