M&A- Mergers and Acquisitions


Successful business transactions are essentially operations and ventures that are carefully and professionally designed. They benefit from preventive and focused advice, in order to reduce the main risks and contingencies when starting out a new venture; merging an old one or consolidating multiple entities. In order to create conditions that allow the attainment of results expected by the Client, with minimum risk and relevant impact.

The team at Eltoma Corporate Services main objective is to help strengthen and reinforce the positioning of the main decision makers, allowing them to adopt the solutions that best contribute to implementing an integral strategy of added value for your company’s business.

This means going beyond the traditional planning and legal advice, insofar as it presupposes integration in the Client’s own team, acting with wide specialised legal coverage in the various phases of the advised operations.

The Eltoma team is focused on enhancing the advantages and opportunities arising from the most varied range of operations within the M&A process.


M&As with Eltoma Corporate Services

We provide advice throughout all phases of the mergers and acquisition process, specifically including but not limited to the following:

  • Structuring of investment models taking into account the intended objectives.
  • Constitution of investment vehicles, including collective investment instruments.
  • Alienation and acquisition of companies, establishments or business units, in the perspective of advising the seller or the buyer, through the conduct of legal audits (due diligence) and negotiation of the relevant contractual terms.
  • Private equity transactions.
  • Creation of joint ventures and other strategic international partnerships.
  • (Re) financing operations.
  • Restructuring of companies or businesses, including spin-offs or mergers (national or cross-border, international), transformation and dissolution.
  • Advice on the implementation of business and subsequent legal formalities in a range of jurisdictions.
  • Post-implementation support for a number of legal entities.

The quality of our M&A services is guaranteed by the industry focus of our in-house team. Communication is crucial and therefore we speak your native language; contact us regarding any questions you may have about the content of this page or how we can assist you in merging or acquiring any new or preexisting business ventures.