Shelf companies

We provide shelf companies for Belize, Singapore, Hong Kong, Scotland, Seychelles, Cyprus and elsewhere. See how much it will cost for each country.

Shelf companies are ready-made companies that have had a lengthy good standing and thereby a trustworthy reputation. Using a shelf company also bypasses the lengthy registration or incorporation process required when forming a new business.

Certain jurisdictions may take from 3 business days up to 3 weeks for the whole incorporation process to be completed. Shelf companies can be up and running within 4 business days. In some cases, banks, government projects or investors will not provide credit ratings for projects or be interested to invest in newly formed companies. This is where shelf companies can offer invaluable creditworthiness, as they can show company history in a legitimate way.

The benefits of a shelf company include:

  • To show that the company has been up and running for some time in order to attract consumers or investors.
  • Shelf companies can gain access tocorporate credit.
  • Clients generally trust companies that have been trading for a number of years.
  • Usually, the older the company, the higher it’s standing in the business community.
  • Shelf companies have the opportunity tobid on contracts. Some jurisdictions require that a company has been trading for a certain length of time to qualify to do this.
  • Opening a bank accountfor a shelf company is generally a faster process.

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