Nominee service

Nominee services are used as a legitimate way to ensure confidentiality of personal details, to protect your personal information and your business activities.

In Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other jurisdictions it is a legal requirement that the names and addresses of the company Directors and Shareholders are placed on public record and can be searched. This means that if you are a Company Director or Shareholder of a limited company then your name, address and association with that company is available to any third party that carries out a company search. By using nominee Directors and nominee Shareholders this issue is avoided.

Eltoma provides professional nominee services in order to facilitate confidentiality for your business thereby securing your corporate and financial privacy and anonymity. We are committed to providing first class support and have extensive knowledge and experience in order to provide an outstanding service. Eltoma will never disclose any personal details of the beneficial owners of a company without prior consent, the only exception being that the information is available for banking purposes as is the legal requirement.

Eltoma offers two types of nominee services; nominee Director services and nominee Shareholder services.