UK: big supermarket giants? Not anymore!

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While sales of Vegetarian meals, strawberries and berries used to be the forerunners of popular consumption in the UK, these food items are constantly decreasing. Long opening hours allows more than the half the British public to visit supermarkets daily while one in ten are buying the necessities for the evening meal.

The same report showed that the number of large hypermarkets reduced by more than 50% while the number of small daily shoppers showed an increase of 40%. New eating habits show: turmeric, blueberries, strawberries, dark-leafed vegetables, greens, beans, and grains such as rice or quinoa and generally more vegetarian products are disappearing from supermarket shelves each second!

Peanut Butter is getting more and more popular in British market; with sales increases of 20%. Juniper berries also increased by 17% and 74% increase on Fever Tree premium tonic brand sales. The UK are reportedly prefering a more American Style dining of sharing plates instead of formal dinners, while one third of repondents stated that they were dining alone the majority of the time over a period of one month.