Bringing more than €10,000 in cash to the EU without declaring is illegal

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Bringing more than €10,000 in cash to EU without declaring is illegalAccording to Regulation (EC) No 1889/2005 of the European Parliament bringing more than €10,000 in cash to the EU without declaring it is illegal. This regulation is in place to stop money laundering and terrorist financing. The regulation places an obligation on any natural person entering or leaving the European Union (EU) and carrying cash of a value of €10 000 or more to declare that sum to the competent authorities of the EU countries. The declaration can be made in writing, orally or electronically and must contain the following information on: • the declarant, including full name, date and place of birth and nationality; • the owner and the amount and nature of the cash; • the intended recipient of the cash; • the provenance and intended use of the cash. A declaration will be made available to relevant authorities responsible for anti-money laundering and fighting terrorist finance. If no declaration made, an administrative decision can be made to retain undeclared cash.