BNP Paribas created a portrait of the typical international businessman with at least US$14.5m wealth

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Over 2,700 businessmen from 21 countries were surveyed, and the following conclusions were made based on their responses:

The businessmen have an average of 3.5 onshore and offshore companies.
Key markets of great interest are China, France, US, Germany, Britain.
71% come from families of private entrepreneurs.
The most popular spheres of activity are within IT and production.
Based on the answers, the businessmen were sorted into the following categories having their own features:

Ultra-rich (with accumulated wealth of over US$25m).
Those who constantly work to increase their capital earnings.
So-called ‘millennia’, who were born between 1980 and 2000.
55-years old and older.
The main characteristic features of the ultra-rich:

77% are concerned with the automatic exchange of information between international tax authorities.
71% are expecting further capital growth in 2017.
When selling operations, 15% invest in venture funds, while 10% to new self-created start-ups.
The main features of those who seek to increase their capital:

They typically own 7.5 onshore and overseas companies to control their business with.
Average business turnover totals US$10m.
About 21% see new possibilities in start-up incorporation and entering new markets.
Most of such businessmen are from India, France, the USA, and Indonesia.
What characterises businessmen born within 1980 and 2000?

31% have their own businesses in various spheres.
Most have chosen IT or engineering.
43% see new prospects in EdTech, or education technologies.
Characteristics of businesswomen:

An average estimated wealth of US$15.9m.
They typically own 4 onshore and overseas companies used to control their business.
Their average turnover is US$8.6m.
Thorough preparation before going into and doing business.
Normally, they come from families with a non-professional working background.
While carrying out business, they are multi-tasking and trying to reach two goals at a time: personal achievements and contribution to social development.
Typical businessmen of 55 and older:

They started their business at 37 on average.
They are more likely to consider investments to investment funds.
They consider crowd funding as an option to finance business.
85% of Italian and Hong Kong businessmen prefer to keep their business within their families.