Belize: Holder of the prestigious 2015 International Tourism Award

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It is the first time in a 22-year-history of the World Travel Awards, when Belize wins the biggest travel honours for the continent – the “Mexico & Central America’s Leading Destination and the Leading Beach Destination”, for 2015.
Belize was awarded the “Leading Beach Destination 2015” for the Mexico & Central America continent this year. The award is considered significant as it will help boost tourism with immediate results regarding the growth and profitability of the local tourism industry, stated a local official.

According to Einer Gomez, Vice Chairman of the BTB’s Board of Directors, Belize owes this honor to the numerous stakeholders who work tirelessly to make Belize, and another award winning tourist destination, Placencia, a friendly, safe and entertaining place to visit.

The distinction is quite inspirational for a country whose economy depends heavily on tourism, as 18% of Belize’s GDP is determined from its tourism industry effectiveness, when currently 25% of the population are either employed or are closely related to it. Tourism is the second largest industry in the country, contributing more than $600 million a year in revenue.