Be careful what you post on Facebook and Twitter

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Numerous celebrities are known to have posted offensive comments online in the past; this may happen to you as well.

Jack Maynard, Zoella, Stormzy and Josh Rivers have all been found out recently to have made such types of comments in the past. Zoella experienced servere backlash after posting a gif on Twitter containing Bill Crosby, who is involved in a sexual assault trial.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are used by many of us for so long that our current beliefs and values may be different to those we first had when we started using such services.

All of us have said things in the past that we are regretful about today, however the internet has the inclination to preserve every single online post we write.

However, Twitter has an Advanced Search feature which scans all of your previous tweets for both embarrassing and offensive language. Due to recent events, it is worth spending some time and effort to preserve your online image.