Ayia Napa hotels and apartments under attack from burglars

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After the declaration of Cyprus as one of the safest countries in the world, a series of burglaries amounting to €40,000 have shocked the integrity of the surveys results.
Last Saturday between 9:30am and 11:30am, a property rented by four Italians was broken into, their belongings including electronic devices, jewellery and cash valuing nearly €32,000 were stolen. As the police estimate, the burglars entered through the balcony door which was closed but not locked. The four Italians were not in the property at that time, and when they returned, the first thing they did was call the authorities to report the incident.

Another burglary took place that Saturday between 3 pm and 7 pm, in another hotel apartment, where four Israeli holiday-makers were robbed. The value of their possessions that were stolen, added up to almost €3,000. The police suspect that the robbers entered through the main door of the property, breaking the lock. Giving some relief to this story, luckily the holiday makers had insurance for their property.

A third incident has been added to the series of unfortunate events, when a Russian tourist reported a burglary between Saturday midnight and 6:30am on Sunday; during time when he was allegedly sleeping in the room. His cash, electronics and jewellery were stolen, adding up close to €7,000. The Cyprus policemen that were investigating the case, suspect that the burglars had entered the room from the balcony door that was closed but not locked.

Unfortunately none of the rooms had security cameras or alarm systems, which makes the investigation even harder to be concluded. However the police stated that they will do the best they can to find the burglars along with the victims belongings.