Australia seeks justice for wanted former Jersey accountant

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Former partner in Jersey-based Strachans accounting partnership, Philip Jepson Egglishaw, has been arrested by the authorities in Italy on May 3rd 2017 in his attempt to cross the border after his holiday. The partnership was the main focus of the ATO’s Operation Wickenby into wealthy Australians who disguised money in tax havens

Egglishaw allegedly initiated a USD $300 million network of tax avoidance schemes and so, is now wanted by the authorities in Australia and the Australian Tax Office is trying to bring former Jersey accountant to justice. He was being held under a warrant from Interpol with charges regarding his part in tax evasion schemes. However, Egglishaw was living in Switzerland, where the authorities were reluctant to impose the 2013 international arrest warrant.

His former employee, Philip Eric de Figueiredo, faced an Australian court and serving time in an Australian jail and now, Egglishaw is likely to be confronted with the same fate.