Asean: Impact of US & Russia Relations

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US-Russia relations are tense due to well-known differences: Syria, Ukraine and arms control issues. In addition, it includes noticed Russian interference in the United States presidential election in 2016 and the elongated Russian standpoint in the West. Notably, the US, has been interfering in not only domestic affairs in Russia but also in the former Soviet republics, as its recognised sphere of influence.

These strained relations has not had major impact excluding the Asean and its relationship with both powers.

Russia does not seem to be challenging the US in Asean, according to the Russian Ambassador’s, Andrei Tatarinov, words to Singapore.

The ambassador reiterated that Russia’s policy regarding Asia strived towards a “stable balance of power”.

In addition, Russian levels of trade with Asean was USD $13.3 billion when compared to the US at USD $212 billion in 2016. According to sources, US Sanctions on Russia may affect Asean’s current and future trade and economic links with Russia.