Are UK Law firms charging too much for general probate?

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Findings from a report carried out by the Legal Services Board (LSB) has calculated the approximate prices being charged by UK law firms for services such as appostilation, probate applications, will writing and estate administration.
The LSB are an independent body responsible for supervising the regulation of qualified Solicitors in the UK and their report is the first legitimate survey to be carried out. The official reports put the average price of services at a staggering £829.

Over 1,600 companies were interviewed, revealing that almost 90% were found to be functioning as fully fledged Solicitors (even Sole Practitioners). The rest of the companies included Conveyance firms, Accountancies, will-writing firms and other service providers.

For every category in the survey, the respondent was given a more details about the nature of the task, therefore identifying how much work was involved and a significant disparity in the quoted fees were found each time.

The survey findings have been forwarded to the Competition and Markets Authority, in order for them to examine its implications for the legal market as a whole.