Amos Yee’s Lawyers request a Judge of different religion

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SINGAPORE: Amos Yee was found guilty on May the 12th of intending to wound the religious feelings of Christians in a video, as well as of uploading an obscene image onto his blog.
The lawyers of the young Singapore-based blogger, seeking out for the justice system to allow the youth’s appeal to be heard before a non-Christian Judge. The 16 year-Old’s Lawyer, applied for the appeal of the youth as soon as Amos Yee was released from custody. As stated by Mr Yee’s counsel, they would like to apply for an appeal to take place in front of a Judge who is of a different religion in the Supreme Court because of the accusations.

The case was heard by Judge Helen who is not Christian and according to the judgment, is extremely insulting what it says about Jesus Christ in the video, which makes criticism of Singapore’s founder Prime Minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, drawing a comparison between Christ and Mr. Lee.