Dmitry Kucheryuk, FCCA, ICPAC, FAIA, Singapore ATP (Income Tax)

Managing Director: Singapore

Dmitry Kucheryuk is a financial professional qualified as a Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA), Economist and Tax   Professional with strong experience gained in the complex emerging market environment of Eastern Europe. He has worked on supervisory and managerial positions for 10 years with world-class companies. Industry range covered from Accounting and Audit with Coopers & Lybrand, FMCG with Gillette and Pepsi, Telecommunications with PlanetSky, Oil and Gas with Shell to strategic management and corporate finance advisory with Eltoma Corporate Services.

Dmitry has special knowledge and comprehensive practicable experience in the areas of financial reporting (US GAAP, IFRS and RAS), international tax planning and legal restructuring of groups, forecasting, budgeting and budgetary control, management information reporting (in-depth and helicopter view); business processes improvement and reengineering, financial performance appraisal, internal control (policies and procedures) and audit; treasury, raising trade finance for distributors, credit management; people, project management and strategic management and corporate finance advisory.

Rimma Borovik, ACIS

Chief Compliance Officer: Singapore

In 2006, Rimma Borovik assumed responsibility for the incorporation and maintenance of legal entities department of the Eltoma Corporate Service’s Cyprus head office. Since then Rimma led the offshore incorporation and maintenance department in Cyprus until 2011. In July 2011, she relocated from Cyprus to Singapore to become the Singapore office manager.

A native of Russia, Rimma graduated with honours from Saint-Petersburg University of Technology and Design with a major in accounting and finance. Prior to joining Eltoma she worked as a chief accountant in Saint-Petersburg. She was awarded a qualification of SAICSA in Singapore.