A bit on disclosure of information on UK Beneficiaries

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There are approximately 3.5 million companies registered in the UK. 1.3 million have submitted information on their Beneficiaries as of November 17th , 2016. Most Beneficiaries (1.2 million) turned out to be the UK citizens, with citizens of Ireland, Italy, Poland, China and India that follow up. 13% of Beneficiaries live outside the UK.

Only 2% of companies still cannot identify their ultimate Beneficiaries, while 10% deny having any Beneficiaries at all. Such a situation is close to the truth, because according to the UK rules, one has to own at least a 25% stake to become a Beneficiary.

The only exception is made for 30 Beneficiaries, who were allowed not to be on the lists.

There are several ridiculous examples in the registry. For example, about 2,000 Beneficiaries were born in 2016. 10,000 companies indicated offshore companies as Beneficiaries, which contradicts the legislation on Beneficiary information disclosure. Nevertheless, such situations are possible when shares of a UK company are listed on the International Stock Exchange.