3 Ways the Employment Sector in Singapore Has Changed Over the Years

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The employment sector in Singapore has changed dramatically since 1998 and in particular, in three main ways as more people are now freelancers, part-time or temporary workers, the employee turnover is much higher and more people decide to make mid-career switches.

Specifically, while Singapore has a low unemployment rate, less poly and ITE grand prefer full-employment over freelance, part-time or temporary work, given that the latter allows for better work-life balance and autonomy mainly thanks to the Internet. Also, with jobs deemed outdated with a faster rate than before and retrenchment of middle-aged workers, the possibilities of changing a career half-way is highly advisable and even encouraged by the Government.

Finally, thanks to the multinational character of Singapore, the rise in working hours and shift into a more employee-centric labour law environment, youngsters can easily find employment and change their jobs every few years.