19 Megacities expected to be the world's richest in 2025

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According to data from McKinsey & Company, there are 19 megacities that are expected to control the world in the future. Here are a few examples:

First of all, according to the research, the population of London is expected to increase from 14.8 million to over 16 million by 2025. London’s GDP is also expected to rise from USD $752 billion to USD $973 billion

Following this, Paris’ GDP and population is set to rapidly increase as well due to the increase in demand for properties in more affordable suburbs, thanks to international investors.

Randstad is comprised of the Netherlands four largest cities which are Amsterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Rotterdam. The port city of Rotterdam is becoming the centre for international business as more and more companies are setting up their European offices there.

Moscow’s total GDP is expected to be more than double from $326 billion to $689 billion due to a potential economic revival with a substantial increase in businesses taking advantage of low rent rates.

Following this, there are many megacities in Asia that are expected to be some of the world richest cities in 2025 such as Singapore, Shanghai, Pearl River Delta and Taiheiyo Belt in Japan.